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Art and Architecture 
Andreasklinik Hirslanden Zug, Cham CH


Infinitum presents as a site-specific large-
scale installation, developed and created for
the generously exposed concrete wall in the
foyer of the newly built extension at the
Hirslanden Clinic Cham near Zug.


Geometrically divided into six parts, the in-
stallation forms a 320cm circle made of one-
way mirrors connected to a delicate metal
structure below the surface. When looking
through the partially mirrored glass those
present discover a “woven light tissue” end-
lessly changing in color and shape. Light
images and reflections produce multiple effects
inside the installation whereby a surreal sense
of depth is created.


Pflegezentrum Ennetsee, Cham CH Client
Albi Nussbaumer Architects, Zug CH Architect
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Installation views — with running art light program



As a result Infinitum develops from being two-
dimensional to having three dimensions, cease-
lessly changing and moving, never appearing
static. It is a work that responds to the spatial
structure, location and the respective lighting
of its situation repeatedly surprising the viewer
again and again.


Daniela Schönbächler deliberately chose the
shape of the circle.  According to its very de-
finition, the circle having neither beginning nor
end, but rather represents a closed line; thereby
symbolically recreates this infinity.
The wall installation is therefore intended to give
the residents and visitors of the clinic stimulus,
strength and hope in the present situations of
their lives.


Booklet Infinitum
Luzerner Zeitung 19-09-18
Zuger Kultur 19-09-18

Claudio Holdener, Architekt Zug CH 
Lustenberger Schlosserei, Schötz CH
Freilicht Ag, Wiesendangen CH 
Glas Trösch, Bützberg CH  

Lorenz Ehrismann, Winterthur CH 















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