Art+Château 2021

08th August — 09th September 2021

Hot/Cold - Dry/Wet: On Art and Latitude 
Site Specific Installation Pièce d'Eau
Schloss Oberdiessbach Bern, CH


The exhibition, brings together fourteen Swiss
and international contemporary artists engaging
with different ideas related to the concept of
latitude. Multifarious artworks and installations
of different genre, medium and size are presented
inside and throughout the castle grounds.

Playing with an inversion of perception,
Schönbächler’s artwork conveys a reflection
on both real and imaginary geographies in
which the idea of presence and absence is
constantly shifting, triggered by the interaction
of the viewer and of the nature surrounding
the installation. Pièce d’eau is born out of the
always new encounter of a mirror glass surface
and the sky above the exhibition venue,
bringing the elements water, air, earth and
fire into dialogue an in a strong relation of
dependency to the specific geography in which
the artwork is presented.

Description Visitors Guide
Curator Valentina Locatelli
Organizer Art+Château
Venue Schloss Oberdiessbach
Photographer Claudia Christen