06th June — 18th July 2015

Solo Exhibition
Site specific Installation
Arthobler Gallery, Zürich CH

Removal of toxic substances from a living 
organism, is the puritanical definition of 

Concerning this matter Daniela Schön-
bächler has developed a room installation, 
which leads to contemplate on the abun-
dance and consumption in our western 
structures of society. The «addiction» to 
possessing more and more, is gradually 
dissolving and rationalising away the esteem 
for the modest and essential, consequently 
the entire ecosystem of the earth and life's 
is suffering and at risk. 

These reflections caused the artist to 
realise a series of works, which will be 
shown for the first time at the exhibition 

Description Handout
Arthobler Detox
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Art Review Tages Anzeiger Züritipp
Photography Lorenz Ehrismann
















Installation view «Marcel»,«Lux» and «Detox Plate» | Metal, Bakelite, Glass


Installation view «Lux» | Metal, Bakelite


Installation view «Unit1 & Unit 2» and « Detox Plate» | Glass