London Venedig Wauwil

Atelier Review

Das Ideale Heim  
Architecture and Design  
Issue 11/21 

Review by Susanna Koeberle, Zürich
Photo by Mirjam Kluka, Zürich

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Cabinet Quinta Essentia

Die fünfte Essenz in Glas

Architecture Review 
Issue 3/21 

Art Review by Susanna Koeberle, Zürich
Photo by Kollektiv Fischka , Wien

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Cabinet Quinta Essentia

Vienna Design Week 2020 at Lobmeyr

Raum und Wohnen
Issue 12/20 01/21



Villa Lauried

Site specific Installations by Christina Oldani
Daniela Schönbächler, Myrtha Steiner

Edited by City of Zug, Jacqueline Falk 
Designed by Jhonny Graf and Janic Fotsch
Published by Amsel Verlag Zürich

Photography by Dominik Zietlow 
Literary Text by Julia Weber

ISBN 978-3-906325-46-0
Size 19.9 x 29.9 cm
June 2020



Dixon Jones 2

Buildings and Projects 1998 -2019

Edited by Ian Latham with
Jeremy Dixon and Edward Jones
Published by Right Angle Publishing London

© 2019 Right Angle Publishing Ltd. 
London N1 9HF

ISBN 978-I-9997931-2-8
Size 27.3 x 24.7 cm
Pages 270





Commissioned by Pflegezentrum
Ennetsee Cham — Switzerland

Graphic design by l'équipe visuelle
Text by Albi Nussbaumer | Daniela Schönbächler
cm 14.7 x 20 | soft-cover
April 2019

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Art et Architecture

Art Rewiev by Bettina Tschumi 

Magazine Architectes 
Issue N°10 automne/hiver 2018

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Powered by Wild Nature

Art Rewiev by Dr.Helena Horn

ArtLight | Quarterly Magazine
Issue 2018/3

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On the Edge 2018

Exhibition Booklet

Published by Rogaland County Municipality
and Costal Administration West, Norway

May 2018




Metaphysisches Gruseln

Architecture Review 
Issue 3/18 

Art Review by Marcel Bächtiger, Zurich
Photos by Lorenz Ehrismann, Winterthur

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Bex & Arts 2017

Exhibition Catalogue

Published by Till Schaap Edition, Bern CH
June 2017

ISBN 978-3-03878-002-1
Size cm 23 x 32
Pages 144
Illustrations 88

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Booklet LUMEN


Published by the Canton
of Vaud—Switzerland

#131 / April 2017



Identitätsstiftende Gestaltung

Kunst am Bau kreiert Heimatgefühle

Magazin Emco Plus
Issue 2.2015

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Quadrant 3

a model of mixed-use urban development

Edited by Ian Latham
Written by Kenneth Powell
Photography by Paul Riddle

© 2015 Right Angle Publishing Ltd.
London N1 9HF

ISBN 978-0-9532848-7-0



A decade of Public Art on Regent Street

Published by The Crown Estate
London UK 2014

Pages 59
21 x 26.5 cm

Daniela Schoenbaechler Delight


Das gläserne Auge

Atmosphären der Transparenz
in Film und Architektur

Magazine BerührungsPUNKTE
Issue 22 / October 2012

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Exhibition Catalogue EGC2012

September 2012

Published by Bornholms Art Museum

ISBN 978-87-89059-89-1
27 x 22.5 cm
222 pages

Arbeiten mit Licht und Tiefe

Issue 21 / June 2012

Magazine BerührungsPUNKTE
Venice Architecture Biennale 2012

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The Art of not Making


By Michael Petry for Thames & Hudson

ISBN 9780500290262
Size 27.50 x 23.00 cm
Pages 208
Illustrations 324

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book the art of not making daniela schoenbaechler

Wie man Venezianer wird

Der Traum vom Leben in der Serenissima

By Barbara Sternthal and Harald
Eisenberger for Styriabooks

ISBN 978-3-85378-671-0
cm 21.0 x 28.0
pp 160

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By Kilimanjaro London
Design Olu Michael Odukoya London
Text Benno Wirz Zurich
hardcover bonded


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Kilimanjaro - Art, Love & Everyday Life

Issue 8 / 2008

The Unofficial Artist - Caught between
Visual Surrealism and Social Reality

Editor Olu Michael Odukoya
Interview by Alison Castle
Photos by Blommers and Schumm
Size cm 48 x 68
Pages 56

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