15th October 2019 — 26th January 2020

Site Specific Installation
Chelsea Arts Club London, UK


Pyramidion is a freestanding site specific out-
door installation, which is equally perceptible
from all four sides. 

She’s evolving out of Chelsea Arts Club Garden
existing "fifth Plinth", which also becomes part
of the artwork itself.

The Plinth as such, with its architectural and
historical function as pedestal, forming the base
for the slender Obelisk with its precious Pyramidion
on top. The three components Pedestal, Obelisk
and Pyramidion are important elements in the
history of art and architecture combined together
their form the installation.

The Pyramidion on top is realised out of a solid,
hand grounded glass block, having the capacity
to absorb and mystically reflect daylight and
consequently also do so, with an internal light
source, during Evenings.


Chelsea Arts Club The Fifth Plinth
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