Quadrat im Oktagon

31st October 2023 — 26th January 2024

Site specific Installation | Entrance Hall
Building of Administration Canton Zug, CH


The site specific Installation can temporarily be
discovered in the entrance hall of the administration
building in Zug. Consisting of four mirror squares
measuring an overall 3 by 3 meters, placed and
arranged axially on the entrance floor right below
the existing octagonal atrium, inviting the visitors
to experience the atrium, the building and its
architecture in a completely different way. The
installation captures the reversal of the dimension
and the resulting visual effect of depth, the reflection
of the surrounding space is right in front of your feet.


In architecture, the octagon often serves as a
mediator between the square [symbolising
earth] and a dome [symbolising heaven], so
here too the octagon of the atrium connects
the two worlds within the framework of an axis.

This exhibition was organised by the Direction of Education and Culture and the Building Department of the Canton Zug in collaboration with Carla Renggli Gallery.

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