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[Timelines] Wilder Walk

Since 2011

Art and Architecture
Regent Streets Quadrant 3, London UK

Quadrant 3 is The Crown Estate’s largest and
most prestigious Regent Street development
to date, located in the centre of the West End
of London between Piccadilly Circus and the
southern end of Regent Street.

The artwork, Timelines, fabricated in glass and
light, comprises a large scale permanent instal-
lation 17m x 3.2m forming an integral part of a
new pedestrian walk that links Glasshouse Street
and Sherwood Street. Formed from multiple layers
of glass and incorporating a sequential LED light
composition‚ Timelines creates a seemingly limit-
less depth within one side of the walk. The cont-
inually evolving interaction between glass and
light transforms the surrounding space, offering
the viewer an ever-changing experience as they
pass through the walkway.

The Crown Estate, London UK Client
Dixon Jones Architects, London UK Architect
Modus Operandi, London UK Curator

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Timelines Daneia Schönbächler London 



Open to interpretation by the viewer, the artwork
creates the illusion of naturalistic environments
yet is formed from contemporary materials and
technologies. This seeming contradiction is for
Schönbächler a metaphor for the contemporary
human condition.

Schönbächler's intention is that 'Timelines' will
evoke a deeply felt longing for a relationship to
nature, common. to all humankind, simulated by
the use of ‘artificial’ elements. For me, the work
represents the pursuit of a sense of integrity that
the human condition has lost in relation to nature,
yet the desire to gain this is ever-present in
contemporary life. 


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Paul Riddle, London UK





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