On the Edge

24th of June - 2nd of September 2018

Site Specific Installations  
Island and Lighthouse Eigerøy
Coast of Rogaland, NO

On the Edge is a contemporary outdoor Art
Exhibition realised at seven lighthouses and
their surroundings. Since 2008, it is an annual
exhibition. The mystical landscape and special
nature surrounding along the tall standing
lighthouse on the Island of Eigerøy located
along the dramatic south coast of Norway is
leaving a memorable imprint in the visitor’s
mind once discovered.This was how Daniela
Schönbächler first felt, when she was invited
for visiting its functioning lighthouse on that
particular Island.

The work of the conceptual artist is mainly
composed from the contents as light, technology
sociology, philosophy and nature, to create her
own universe out of it. Therefore the discoveries
she made on Eigerøy also embodies the synthesis
of her work and inspired she to create three site
specific installations along the path to the Light-
house for the exhibition On the Edge.

Exhibition Concept
Publication Catalogue
Museum Hå gamle prestegard Curator
Art Review Art Light 2018/3
Art Review Dalane Tidende 22-06-18



Installation view «you are nature» on the path to the Lighthouse | Mirror cm 110 x 225




















Installation view «The Eigerøy Eye» on the Boatshouse | Video 7'













Videostill «The Eigerøy Eye» | in collaboration with Don Cameron and Claudio Holdener











Audio «I walked and walked» | Photo Installation «Eigerøy Rocks» at the nostalgic parlour, Lighthouse guards House


I walked and walked

Audio Installation


Engineering - Don Cameron, Sydney AU
Voice - Unknown Lighthouse Visitor, Eigerøy NO











Eigerøy Rocks I | c-print on dibond cm 90 x 120


Eigerøy Rocks II | c-print on dibond cm 90 x 120


Eigerøy Rocks III | c-print on dibond cm 90 x 120


Picks of Visitor's interaction

June — September 2018





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