Lacunas - die Leerraumkörper



The subject of the Lacunas revolves around
volumes, layers and empty spaces that human
beings’ create to regenerate life. The combining
of six surfaces of identical size into a volume
generates a three-dimensional form; building up
an exciting tension and subtle liveliness through
transparency, reflections and lightness. Within
each volume created three empty spaces, ‘the
void’, which deliberately exudes a surreal un-

The mystique of this work is evoked through,
and with, its association to the material glass;
defining the space in concrete terms whilst
simultaneously allowing the entire surround-
ings to be perceived.

The visible, that which exists, lends the work
its form. 
The invisible, the void, lends it essence
and meaning. [
Lao Tse, 6th century]

2016 Statement Swiss Art Curtor A.Blättler CH
2013 Open Studio Atelier Wauwil CH
2012 EGC2012 Art Museum Bornholm DK
2012 13th Architecture Biennale Venice I

Art Review Magazin #21
Description Handout
Catalogue | European Glass Context 2012